Our world is in a constant stream of change. People, companies, and businesses around the globe share the need to adapt and thrive, with solutions that can quickly and reliably answer shifting requirements becoming a crucial commodity.

Fluidhouse is the customer-centric engineering expert in hydraulic and oil lubrication automation. With flexible, customizable, and high-quality subcontract manufacturing of fluid systems, we bring a smoother flow to our customers’ business and productivity. Understanding and servicing our customer base is integral to our work, and we take pride in our end-to-end process execution and immediate response rate.

Hailing from Finland, we’ve grown to respect our environment and be accountable for the quality of our work. Together with our partners, we share a mutual goal of creating more sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

Above all, we exist to ease the lives of our partners. By bringing reliable fluidity to the entire value chain of our customers’ business, we give them something far beyond just engineering excellence: peace of mind and stability in an eternally fluctuating world.

“A job well done leads to better things.”

We carry the responsibility of our work, and through our sustainable solutions we help our partners to be more responsible.

“Always do the best you can.”

We continuously aspire to reach the highest level of quality, both for our service and our solutions.

“If you don’t understand something, just ask.”

We encourage a culture of communication that guides our work and growth. Mistakes can happen, but one must learn from them.

KiL-Yhtiöt Oy is a subsidiary of Fluidhouse, specializing in comprehensive solutions and development services related to operational reliability, lubrication maintenance, and oil analysis for its clients. With 20 years of experience in oil analysis and maintenance, KiL-Yhtiöt Oy serves some of Finland’s largest companies across various industries.

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