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Our smart process models are designed to bring a smoother flow to your core business.

Contract manufacturing is a process through which, at Fluidhouse, we manufacture products and components for our customers’ companies. The process also includes selling capacity as well as traditional bidding. In contract manufacturing, we either inquire about the price from the customer or operate based on an existing and agreed-upon pricing model.

At Fluidhouse, we specialize in fluid system components and their reliable functionality. Decades of deep experience in the manufacturing of fluid systems enable us to provide much-needed expertise in system design, procurement of materials, planning of production, and assembly.

Fluidhouse is a specialized expert in contract manufacturing of fluid systems. From designing to material procurement, production planning, and assembly – you’ll get everything you need from us, always reliably and smoothly.

We are flexible at every turn, both in terms of production quantity and timing. We will also meet your demand: it’s our pleasure to set your productivity into a smoother flow.

At Fluidhouse, we continuously monitor quality. Over the years, we have developed our own rock-solid processes, robust working methods, and unwavering product testing. This also includes risk management: we eliminate both risks and quality problems in all our productions.

Our years of experience guarantee a smooth and reliable small-series production. We are a trusted contract manufacturing partner for several leading OEM manufacturers, and we’re highly familiar with the specific requirements of the following industries:

·      Pulp and paper industry
·      Marine industry
·      Oil and gas industry
·      Energy industry

Thanks to our carefully designed service process, our deliveries stay on schedule, and we can deliver exactly what we promise. Our clear project management model and comprehensive expertise also enable broad-ranging deliveries. All our systems undergo a thorough quality control process before being delivered to our customers. DNV, ABS, Lloyds, and other certification procedures are familiar to us.

At Fluidhouse, our strength lies in our dedicated testing environment, where we can comprehensively test and measure the performance of our fluid systems. Here we generate test reports that can be customized according to the customer’s needs and can verify the exact purity level of the oil lubricants.

Our ethos is that “not a single defective product should make its way into the world.” With this commitment, we ensure that our customers’ processes continue to flow exactly as they should.

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