Optimization service

Rapid, reliable ramp-up for efficient production

Our key target is to minimise unproductive effort and improve the competitiveness of our customers. Our optimisation services ensure optimal use of all production resources.

FluidHouse’s expertise in simulation combined with optimising production and data collection offer a good starting point for efficient contract manufacturing. The best results in optimization are achieved, though, when our experts go through the whole logistic process together with the customer.

The purpose of optimisation is to look beyond the borders in order to:

  • create the optimum logistic flow;
  • detect all inefficiencies and eliminate them;
  • maximise the usage of existing equipment and resources.

Advantages of FluidHouse’s optimisation service:

  • Increase the efficiency of production and designing
  • Examine production and test changes without real production being interrupted
  • Reduce the risks involved with a new system by examining production before the real investment
  • Predict possible future problems in production
  • Provide information of productivity about the new system without big investments
  • Visualize the operation of the factory
  • Train a new employee for any role in the factory.

Thanks to our carefully planned service process, our deliveries stay on schedule and we deliver exactly what we promise.

Our key target is to minimise unproductive effort and improve your competitiveness.