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Fluidhouse Ltd. has a new Managing Director

The Fluidhouse Ltd. management board has named Jari Härkönen as the new Managing Director. He officially starts in this position on the 1.2.2021. Juha Kyllönen will continue to work in the management board and will be focusing on Fluidhouse’s sister company KiL Yhtiöt Oy.

Jari Härkönen has been working in the organization since 2012. He has worked as a Project Manager, Production Director, and more recently as Operations Direction. He has a great amount of previous experience as a Project Manager in international production automation projects.

“Fluidhouse’s employees have an incredible amount of experience and expertise in the manufacturing of hydraulic and lubrication solutions. We have many good ideas to transparently develop more efficient fluid automation production together with our customers”, said Jari Härkönen. 

“I am starting to be at the age that I understand I need to let go of things. I have realized that younger people have new ideas and, I believe that this change will bring new vigor and momentum in the company’s development. However, I will continue as the main owner and financier while working in the other companies of the Group”, said Juha Kyllönen.

More information:

Jari Härkönen, cel. 0400 884 159
Juha Kyllönen, cel. 040 521 3880

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