Testing solutions

No compromise – safety, quality and customer satisfaction

Comprehensive testing is needed in order to avoid the expenses associated with equipment downtime, secure production and operating processes or prove the reliability of manufactured goods. There are thousands of different types of testing equipment with different drives and functions, but all of them have the same assignment – checking the reliability and features of the products.

Our expertise in hydraulic and lubrication automation systems and in control and monitoring systems mean we can offer comprehensive and advanced solutions for different kinds of testing systems.

 Typically, our testing systems are intended for testing the following equipment:

  • Power units
  • Hydraulic components
  • Pipes and piping parts
  • Hydraulically operated equipment
  • Gearboxes, motors and drives
  • Production quality

FluidHouse is a full-service special engineering and system integration company. We are one of the leading suppliers of special machinery solutions in Finland and one of the most important manufacturers in selected market areas worldwide. Our strengths are built on more than 40 years of experience and an innovative approach to product development in fluid automation and monitoring systems.

Our comprehensive service concept covers entire engineering, manufacturing, testing and commissioning process. We provide a single point of contact and clear responsibilities with shorter lead times.

Wide-ranging expertise and network management skills allow us to combine different technologies to create new, innovative product concepts for our customers.

We are a reliable partner for our customers in contract manufacturing as well a system supplier in extensive project deliveries. All in all, we provide our customers with complete, fully integrated, functional solutions that meet all the specified requirements.