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Complete system deliveries

State-of-the-art lubrication automation solutions

Improve production efficiency and reduce life cycle costs

FluidHouse has over 40 years’ experience in the design, implementation and project management of oil lubrication systems for challenging industrial conditions. The FluidCirc product family combines expertise gained from our long experience with the results of our thorough research and testing.

Our state-of-the-art products will lubricate, cool and clean your production machinery more efficiently than previous lubrication systems. Our systems are also more environmentally friendly and have lower operating costs.

Fluid Circ

Our comprehensive turnkey system deliveries include:

  • Analysing the requirements
  • System design
  • Delivery of lubrication units, driers, flow meters and other system components
  • Delivery of control and monitoring system
  • On-site installation of system components and pipes
  • Start-up and training
  • Maintenance agreement

Thanks to our carefully planned service process, our deliveries stay on schedule and we deliver exactly what we promise. Our clear project management model and extensive expertise also make wide-ranging deliveries possible. Our thorough quality control process tests all of our systems before they are delivered to the customer.