FluidCirc COS

Control systems provide the finishing touch

To make sure that your lubrication system is the right one for you, you can select the most appropriate control system for your process. The FluidCirc-COS® control system is developed to work optimally with the FluidHouse product family for oil lubrication systems. FluidCirc-COS® fulfils the requirements of modern oil circulation lubrication solutions in both local and remote control.

Standard features:

  • AC drive-controlled pumps for pressure control
  • Cold start function
  • Filtering circulation
  • Heating
  • Safety function
  • Graphical user interface (HMI)
  • Remote HMI
  • Enclosure ratings IP54 / NEMA 3
  • Control from customer’s system (DCS)


  • Ethernet and serial TCP/IP, Modbus/TCP, ModbusRTU/ASCII
  • TN-S 400 VAC, 50 Hz at 125 A / 250 A
  • Control signal from/to customer control system (DCS)


  • Monitoring
  • SystemMeasuring
  •  stationsCustomer-specific fieldbuses

Things run more smoothly when everything is lubricated!