FluidCirc LU

State-of-the-art lubrication unit

The FluidCirc® lubrication system marks a clear step up in terms of its ability to efficiently lubricate and cool production machinery. A major reduction in the size of the oil reservoir used translates into lower operating costs and reduced physical and environmental footprints. It eliminates air, water, and impurities more efficiently, helping to extend the service life of bearings and enhance their reliability. The modular nature of the FluidCirc® system makes units easier to maintain and more flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient.

FluidCirc® standard sizes for different flow rates and oil viscosities:

Structure and benefits:

Unbeatable double spiral construction provides remarkable benefits:

  • High utilisation rate of oil
  • Up to 70% less oil needed
  • The most efficient water and air separation
  • Longer lifetime for oil
  • Prolongs bearing service life and improves reliability
  • Modular structure is easy to maintain, flexible, reliable and cost-efficient
  • Lower energy consumption


The FluidCirc® Lubrication system is the optimal solution for applications where water and air in the system can cause serious problems.

Pulp & paper industry:

  • Paper machines
  • Tissue machines
  • Board machines
  • Paper finishing machines
  • Pulp drying machines


  • Steam & gas turbines
  • Wind turbines
  • Electric motors, generators and gearboxes

Marine & offshore:

  • Propulsion systems
  • Generators

The FluidCirc® lubrication system improves production efficiency and reduces total life cycle costs.