Ensure reliable and efficient production

The FluidCirc-MOS® monitoring system is developed to work optimally with the FluidHouse product family for oil lubrication systems. FluidCirc-MOS® fulfils the requirements that modern oil circulation lubrication solutions have in both local and remote monitoring.

FluidCirc-MOS® allows you to monitor real-time measurement values showing the operation of your lubrication system and locate possible issues. Users can see the flow rate status of each individual lubrication point from the FluidCirc-MOS®. When the values deteriorate, they can initiate maintenance and repairs in good time, preventing drops in production efficiency and saving on repair costs. The clear, customizable trend indicators allow you to more easily identify the cause and effect relationships of problems than with traditional solutions.

Our expertise in lubrication automation systems and in control and monitoring systems means we can offer you advanced, comprehensive solutions for demanding industrial applications.

FluidCirc-MOS® provides the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive control over the system and simple, easy-to-modify remote monitoring
  • Helps you determine the cause and effect relationships of problems in your system and production process
  • Real-time system status measurements enable timely intervention in problems (pressure, temperature, oil quality values, etc.)
  • Can be connected to old and new systems
  • Easy-to-understand measurement and history data, reports and trend monitoring make it easier to plan maintenance
  • All measurable values are available (e.g. mA or voltage messages).

Our strengths are built on more than 40 years of experience and an innovative approach to product development in fluid automation and monitoring systems.

Our comprehensive service concept covers entire engineering, manufacturing, testing and commissioning processes. We provide a single point of contact and clear responsibilities with shorter lead times.

Wide-ranging expertise and network management skills allow us to combine different technologies to create new, innovative product concepts for our customers.